First real day in Reykjavik

I’ve had an amazing day today. Didn’t expect Icelands nature to take my breath away already in Reykjavik. I actually realised when I got here that I hadn’t read that much about Reykjavik but focused much more on the rest of the trip, so when I woke up early due to my inner danish watch, I started reading my guidebooks part about Reykjavik. Then I ate some Skyr (Icelandic ‘yoghurt’), said goodbuy to my roommates and walked to Perlan (The Pearl). It was breathtaking to get through the woods and sudently see the mountains rise up around the city, and water all the way to the horisont. Just before we landed yesturday I saw some vulcano islands and some wales or dolphins out of the window of the aircraft, it was the perfect way to arrive.

Again today it was a beautiful blue sky with a few clouds but mainly the sun warming up your cheeks. Before I left Denmark I was told that I shouldn’t expect to see any blue sky while I was in Iceland, and when we landed the stewardes also made that impression by saying that it was nice to finally see the sun… So I consider myself lucky and enjoy the sun as much as possible while its here!
Perlan is a nice place. The inside is nothing notesable, but the view from the observatory deck is something you shouldn’t miss. Its free of charge and just incredible 365 degrees of beauty.
And the area around Perlan is also worth spending some time on. We live nearby and will be passing through every day, which isn’t the worst eventhough it means that there is about a 30min walk in to the city. Its a bird-recreation area so there is a lot of “wild” animallife and the birds are often just half a meter from you. I also saw a gorgeous white “baby” rabbit that with the speed of light ran across the walkingpath.

Down in the city I walked to Halgrimskirkan, which is where I’m sitting now – just many hours later waiting to pick up Adrien in an hour. I didn’t really like the church on pictures but I think its quite beautiful in real life. It lies on a hill so you can see its tower prettymuch everywhere in the city. In a way it reminds me of La Sagra Familia in Barcelona eventhough they are quite different. The church was finished in 1986 (after 40 years of building). It’s build with inspiration by the caracteristic icelandic rockformation and is the tallest church in Iceland with it’s 74,5 meter tall tower. The refrences to the rockformations is quite obvious I think. There was a concert on when I was there so I didn’t really see it from the inside, but I’m sure I will when I go and see it with Adrien. Afterwoods I wen’t down to the walkingstreet “Laugavegur” and looked in some secondhand shops for a new wallet and an icelandic sweater, and also just out of interest in the ‘icelandic fashion-trend’.
It’s quite obvious who is the turists and who is icelandic in Reykjavik because a lot of the icelandic people wears t-shirts or just a thin cardigan and all the rest of us have sweaters and wind-jackets on! Its been 14 degrees today – 3 degrees more than the averedge temprature of June.

I also saw the harbour with the beautiful new-ish (2011) concert- and conference hall, made by danish arcitect Henning Larsen in co-operation with danish-icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson. Its very big, but quite beautiful also with its reflections of the clouds, water and mountains. I’ve added some pictures unterneath.

After some more walking around looking at a mix of funny, pretty and sad looking buildings I walked over the hill, past Perlan to the hostel. I did a bit of research because I couldn’t find a supermarket (!) eventhough I had walked almost all streets of the inner city, and when I found it on google, I realized that I had turned to another street just before a supermarket – twice. Typical. But I walked down to the city again because it pretty much matched with picking up Adrien at the busterminal (he should be here in half an hour). Now I’m at Halgrimskirkan enjoying my last few hours of sun for today – eventhough the sun bearly goes under the horisont at night – if not not at all.

Here are a few pictures from today. The quality isn’t that good because they are taken with my mobile phone, but they are better than no photos😉

On my way to Perlan and Perlan with beautiful wild-flowers. The pictures of the view isn’t even close to justefying the wow-effect and breathtaking view;


Harpa – Icelands new-ish concert and conference building;



Here we go. Going to Iceland

After a pretty caotic start of my trip, I’m now in Reykjavik, Capital of Iceland. Tomorrow my boyfriend will join me from Scotland where he’ve been traveling for a bit more than a week now.

The next two weeks we’ll travel around Iceland.

Our plan is to spend a few days in Reykjavik and then we’ve hired a car and will be going down south to the island Heimaey (The biggest of the 15-18 Vestmannaeyjar or Westmann Islands as they are called in english). Then we’ll head up to Landmannalaugar where we’ll “pass by” some of the glaciers and vulcanos that have caused trouble for the flight traffic the last few years. From then we’ll go to the area called “The Golden Circle” in all the guide books and tour companies – its an area witch contains the massive waterfall Gullfoss, Geysir and Þingvellir (the worlds oldest ‘parliament’), and then we’ll head north ‘along’ the west coast and end up in Akureyri and Myvatn from where we go back to Reykjavik. A long but exciting trip.

I’ve already seen some of Icelands rough beauty just by driving from Keflavik airport to Reykjavik (its about an hour drive with the bus) and also from above before we landed. Quite a exciting experience already! We/I live at a hostel near “<strong>Perlan</strong>” (The Pearl) which is a hot water storage tank on the top of the hill named ÖskjuhlĂ­Ă°. It contains six tanks, each of them can contain 4 million liters of water of a average temperature of 85°C.   Now its also used for art exhibitions and music events and contains an restaurant, cafe and observatory deck.

Hopefully we can get the photo-memorycard-reader to work with the ipad so I can uploade some photos for you now and then. Else they’ll come when I get back – actually I’m pretty sure you’ll get a good bunch when I get home because its only my small cameras memorycard which works with the ipad.

Take care and have a lovely summer.
Warm wishes from a not so warm Iceland,


Wow the time goes fast! Sorry for being so awful at updating my blog lately!
I’ll start to take more photos again and therefore have more to update here🙂

Today it was “panic-day” at the School of Journalism (that I attend!). Its the day where everyone gets there “destiny” of internship-company decided. Everyone have to be at the ‘office’ where they want to do internship. Here they have to wait and see if they get called in to an interview or an immediate contract-proposal, if not they need to hurry to an other office and try there luck. Many people have a helper with them to take any calles that might come during an interview or if two places calls at one time. Its hectic, nerve raking and for most people a happy ending after all…
I was taking pictures for the “panic-paper” that was made throughout the day at TV2-OJ (tv-channel). You can see it HERE – and the web-version HERE!

Here are some pictures from the day…

TV2 Øst Jylland.

TV2 Øst Jylland.



Arriving time. Hugging your moral support time!

Arriving time. Hugging your moral support time!


Trying to keep the mood up and nerves down

telephone watcher keeps track of the incoming calls.

Telephone watcher, Mai, keeps track of the incoming calls for Elizabeth.

Getting interviewed about the big strategy plan for the telephone watcher!

Getting interviewed about the big strategy plan for the telephone watcher!



waiting for the bell and the madness to begin and cheeking out who's here.

Waiting for the bell and the madness to begin and TV2 personal cheeking out who’s here.

trying to keep the mood up

Trying to keep the mood up

The plan is talked through one last time

The plan is talked through one last time

TV2 personal looking down at the to-be-new-interns and the people they have to disappoint!

TV2 personal looking down at the to-be-new-interns and the people they have to disappoint!

Bell have rung. Picking people out!

Bell have rung. Picking people out!

Telephone keeper and intern-decision-person at TV2.

Telephone keeper and intern-decision-person at TV2.

Didn't get picked as 1. prioritet - what now?

Didn’t get picked as 1. prioritet – what now?

Were are we going now?

It was a no from TV2 – Were are we going now? – TV3 Sport and a few other places have called during the interview… TV3 Sport gets picked – and it was a good call because Sanne got the spot!

Waiting for the call or the meetings too be over.

Waiting for the call or the meetings too be over to see which is free.

Decision time. Do you wait 5min for the decision of the TV channel or do you hurry to a meeting with the big newspaper that just called for you?

Decision time. Do you wait 5min for the decision of the TV channel or do you hurry to a meeting with the big newspaper that just called for you? Elizabeth goes to Berlingske Tidende and gets the spot!

First happy intern from TV2

First happy new intern from TV2


Some have gotten their answers and and are waiting for their friends who’s in meetings.

Calling grandpa

Calling grandpa

It payed off to stay at TV2! Kristian got TV2 Syd (South)

It payed off to stay at TV2! Kristian got TV2 Syd (South)

Moral support "team" waiting!

Moral support “team” waiting!

"yes maaannnn"

“Yes maaannnn!!”


Happiness infront of TV2. All of the TV2 News have been booked now!

Got it!!

Got it!! The plan turned out to be unnecessary because the 1. priority said yes!

everyone needs to know.

Calling everyone! Everyone needs to know.

So… First photoassignment at The School of Journalism…

Today we had an exercise in portraits (or it was more the journalists that had a basic couse) and afterwoods we had to try different things out!Photo 07-03-13 10.55.45

I photographed beautiful Sanni. I photographed with my iPad – which was an interesting experience when you’re use to photograph with a DSLR camera!Sanni

This one underneath was the one I handed in:
Smukke Sanni

If you wanna read/follow my assignments from The School of Journalism you can on my “school-blog” (where I hand in assignments):

Its mainly the articles (in danish) because most of the photos (+ extra once) will be posted here ofcause!

Take care,

Nordic ‘Product-day’ with Irma

Hi everyone

Here are a bunch of photos I took at a course I attended (for the store I work in) this week.

Irma cares a great deal about the products they sell, and at the moment our buyers are working on a way to sell more danish-produced food, which I find brilliant! It makes absolutely no sense that DK sends everything we produce to other countries and we import the same products from other countries!

I hope you think about where you’re products come from when you buy them! And also how they were treated…


Here are some photos from the day:

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

And remember to buy some local ingredients to your next meal😉 and most of all buy whats in season – its better for you and the enviroment!

Much love,


Wups, where did the time go?

Hi everyone who follow my blog

I haven’t forgotten you and I’m really sorry its been this long since I last posted something! I guess there have been too many other things on my mind and on my schedule to say the least!

Throughout the summer holiday I’ve had a visit from Australia. We wen’t around DK and to Vienna/Wien in Austria. Since then I’ve also been on a weekend trip with my mom to Rome a few weeks ago. Its been a lovely summer and I hope you all enjoyed yours too!

Here are a few new pictures I’ve taken since last time:

Århus, Denmark

Skagen, Denmark

Vienna/Wien, Austria

this (above) is actually not from Vienna and not even in Austria but a small town called Mikulov in Czech Republic and its worth stoping by!

I’m a massive Jugend-fan but I’ll be nice and just show you a few…

The Vatican/Peters Cathedral (Roma), Italia

The picture just above is some jolly north italian guys who I found very cartoonish😉

Anyway, thats all for now!

I’m amazed how many still come and visits my blog every day eventhough I’ve been so bad at posting something new!


– It means a lot to me that you’re interested in my work!

Xx Ida

ps. I just love this playground they had at the artcenter in Vienna

Igår var jeg så heldig at være til Fashion Design Akademiets afgangs show, for at se en af danmarks dygtigste upcomming beklædningsdesignere min veninde Rima Al-Zaibag ♥

Her er billederne af Rimas kollektion:

♥ Ida

My Exhibition with Fatamorgana + CPH Photo Festival

My first ‘official’ groupexhibition is on these days during the amazing Copenhagen Photo Festival.

I’m exhibiting my final project about ‘Silas’, alongside my fellow Fatamorgana students projects.

We’re situated in the “Photo city” (normally refereed to as ‘Carlsberg’) in the foyer to Dansehallerne (see map).

Open from 7th of June – 17th of June

daily 12-19, and sundays 12-17.

I’ll upload some pictures from the exhibition later!

Wednesday 6/6 we had a fantastic opening of our exhibition. It was a lovely evening! Thanks to everyone that came!

You can download the map and program for the CPH Photo Festival here (click on the picture):

Dansehallerne: Pasteursvej 14, 1799 København V

I’ve been to quite a few of the exhibition that opened yesterday and I can especially recommend:

Photo: Š Iris Egilsdatter, Bilder Nordic

Nordic School of Photography, Bilder, has made a great exhibition on 5th floor in Ny Tap.

There are a good mix of commercial-, documentary-, fashion- and other genres of photography.

I especially find this picture by Iris Egilsdatter above fantastic!

On the same floor there is a exhibition by Photographic Communication but its quite doll (only portraits of athletes…)

Downstairs on 4th floor there is a exhibition by Copenhagen Film & Photo School “TAGFAT”. It’s also worth visiting! The other exhibition on that floor by GĂśteborg School of Photography is very borring to me.


Bryghuset has a big mix of exhibitions:

– A World A Part. Groupexhibition, curated by ‘Galleri Naboløs’.

Students from Danmarks Medie- og Journalisthøjskole.

Š Marie Hald, “Bonnie og Patricia”

It’s especially worth seeing Bonnie og Patricia by photojournalism student Marie Hald.

“Bonnie Andersen is 37 years old. She has worked as everything from truck driver to running a tanning salon and a burger bar. Today she’s a maseuse. A hooker, if people doesn’t get her meaning. The small house where she runs her brothel is on a small country road outside Uggerløse.”

Also the another photojournalism student: Tobias SelnĂŚs Markussen with Autopia is worth seeing!

“The Americans love their cars in Los Angeles, the second largest city in America, the car is more than a means of transportation. It’s a friend, a hobby, an extra member of the family. The car is a large part of a person’s identity and for many of Los Angeles’ citizens driving a car equals the ultimate freedom and a signal to the world that you have success in this glamorous city.”

Bryghuset: Ny Carlsberg Vej, ved Elefantporten, 1799 København V. Every day at 10–18.

(its also just amazing to see the old brewery room!)

Ny Tap have the two biggest exhibitions “The Censored Exhibition 2012″ made by the CPH Photo Festival. It shows photos by 44 photographers from 14 countries.

Two of my school mates, Mads Juel and Marie Louise Omme, is represented🙂

In the room next to it the daily newpaper Politiken (and sponsor of CPH Photo Festival) shows a bit of their photographers work (“Politikens Fotografer PrĂŚsenterer”). But I think its a bit lame selection because its highly exposed pictures so if you’re interested in photojournalism you know most of them already!

© Lærke Posselt, “Perfect Childehood”

Today at 4pm the exhibition of the year (in my oppinion) “Personal Projects” opens.

“For the third year in a row, ten leading Danish photographers take the temperature on contemporary documentary photography, as they continue the tradition of hosting the prominent group show, Personal Projects in Øksnehallen.”

Have a great festival and remember to stop by our exhibition🙂

Xx Ida


This is embarrassing. I forgot to post this but you’ll get the news now…

I got in! I got in!! I got in!!!
Haha. As you might have guessed already I’ve got the answer from The Danish School of Journalism and I got in to photojournalism🙂🙂🙂

It means that I’ll move to Aarhus in early 2013 and start uni in February🙂
It’s so unbelievable and I’m so happy about it! All the hard work and years I’ve spend on trying to get in finally payed off🙂

I’ve noticed that practically non uploads their pictures from the second test – I guess no-one is really proud of what they’ve made when it’s made in 3 this stressfull test hours – but I think it would have been nice to see before I did mine (and the rest of you maybe) so…

This is my pictures from the last round of tests (it also contains a danish grammar test, writing test, a knowledgetest and a interview):

I know they came out really yellow – wups – but I barely had any time to edit at the test and I wanned you to see exactly what I handed in🙂

I’ve got my fingers crossed for anyone who applies in the future! Especially my friends that didn’t get in this year (its Aarhus’ loss ladies!). I’m quite sure its the best thing to study in the world😉

You’ll most likely be able to follow my work throughout my uni-time here or on my website (when it is up running again . which hopefully will be soon!)

till then I’ll post my most recent work etc! I’m a bit behind but I’ll post my last assignments from Fatamorgana soon!🙂

Right now I’m working on my exhibition with Fatamorgana which opens on Wednesday – more on that later!

with love, Ida


ps. a BIG THANKS to Francisco Tebar (’Picaso JR’ in Cirkus Arena) og Simmy Folco (clown i Arena), who said yes to me photographing them in their wagon and also to the rest of the artist who said yes but I didn’t use in the final cut!